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Contact Us

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Executive Assistant/Event Information/Raffle Tickets

207-454-7521 ext. 9126

Jeanne Guisinger

Office Address:

Down East Hospice Volunteers

24 Hospital Lane

Calais, Maine 04619

207-454-7521  ext. 9126

Down East Hospice Volunteers

11 Hospital Drive

Machias, ME 04654

207-255-3356  ext. 324

We respect your privacy and will never share information with a 3rd party.

Meet The Team


Barbara Barnett

Executive Director:

Barbara Barnett at 207-454-7521

ext. 126

after hours: 207-726-5087

Board of Directors

Paul Strickland, President

Linda Gralenski, Vice President

Gwen Jones, Treasurer

Diane McAlpine, Secretary

Ruth Chaffey

Hilda Lewis

Judy Dakin

Mary Lane

David Simmons, M.D.

Carol Flores

*Arline Smith

*Board Advisors

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